5 Steps to Becoming the Pack Leader


Any professional dog trainer will tell you it is severely stressful for many dogs to be without a leader or role model. So it is your job as a responsible dog owner to become a kind and benevolent leader for your dog. Most dogs will develop a more relaxed and confident demeanor with a strong desire to please their new role model once the leadership role has been assumed. Just think of the saying, “Follow the leader.” pack leader training

Establish the Rules pack leader training

Leadership can be established through patient and persistent dog training. This can be done by a professional, but it may be best you do it yourself since you’ll ultimately assume the leadership role. It is very important for the dog owner with the help of an animal trainer to establish house rules and enforce them firmly, but fairly. Here are some simple exercises that will allow you to show your dog his humans are good leaders and he has a responsibility to the family to serve and obey the leaders of the pack. pack leader training

How to Establish Yourself as A Pack Leader pack leader training

5. Your dog should earn everything pack leader training

pack leader training - pack leader plus

Work for a living just like we do. If he learns to earn his “Paychecks” then he won’t expect everything for free. (If you give him everything he wants when he wants it, then he will become “bossy”). This means no petting, feeding, talking to or even eye contact if he is demanding attention. He has to complete an obedience command before he gets anything. *This rule will differ slightly for working service dogs…Head over to the next page pack leader training