5 Things You Might Be Doing That Hurts Your Dog’s Feelings


For a person who is crazy about dogs, this list can come off as a big reality check. Dogs love good humans everywhere, and we do our best to reciprocate it. We don’t really know how to speak in barks nor do we fully understand them. But there is no denying that when you are close with your dog, there is a strong connection which keeps you together. Bearing that in mind, all dog parents should understand that there are things that they do, things that can annoy their dogs.

We train dogs to get rid of certain behaviors and adapt to the lifestyle that we live in. Certainly, it would be selfish if we don’t try to see from their perspective every once in a while. It is a two-way street in this human-canine relationship. So without further ado, let’s get started with the human behaviors that can annoy, threaten, and even anger our dog partners. dog health insurance usaa

5. Ignoring Your Dog

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Do you push your dog away when he tries to climb in your lap and give you kisses? If you are constantly your dog’s attempts to get attention or to give affection, your dog may come down with a serious case of the doggy blues. You are, after all, at the center of your dog’s universe. They depend on us for everything from their happiness to their food, and they thrive on our attention.

If you’re constantly pushing your dog away and/or ignoring him, you’re not only depriving him of affection but going against his nature. Dogs are social animals; they need to be around their pack. Isolation from their pack (you in this case) will eventually result in depression.

4. Rubbing Their Nose In It

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Think about it, you use the bathroom during the 6 – 10 hours that you are at work, right? Chances are your dog also has to go during that time, and sometimes he or she may not be able to hold it. Once a dog is potty trained, accidents in the house can be a sign of distress, physical illness, or simply going too long without a break.

Yelling or “rubbing their nose in it” will not teach your dog to potty outside, but it will teach him to fear you and unnecessarily hurt his feelings.

3. Shouting and Yelling

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Dogs can identify if you are happy, sad, or angry from the tone of your voice. Calling out to your dog in a pleasant voice, like, “Come on boy!” and, “Who’s a good boy?”, lets them know that everything is fine. Although they don’t understand your words, they do understand the change of vocal tones. That’s why you should not yell and shout at your dog or when they are around. Increased volumes scare them and they could react aggressively.

2. Laughing at your dog’s fears

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Isn’t there something you’re scared of? Insects, heights, or water? Loud noises or new places can scare your dogs as well. But mocking them when they cower in fear is just mean and can hurt them because you’re someone they trust to help them out of such situations. The best thing to do would be to remain calm and comfort them.

1. Not Providing Enough Playtime

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It’s one thing to halfheartedly pat your pup on the head as you breeze through the door with an armload of groceries, it’s quite another to set aside designated one-on-one time. No matter how busy your life is, it’s important to prioritize time to do something your dog enjoys. Whether it’s 10 minutes of fetch, a nice evening walk, or just cuddle time on the couch, a dog’s level of happiness depends on the attention they receive from their favorite humans.