7 Warning Signs That Your Dog Is in Pain


How Do I Know if My Dog is in Pain?

Animals instinctually hide their pain. It’s a survival mechanism that is embedded in their DNA. But while this instinct certainly helps wild animals stay alive longer, our sweet, domesticated pets tend to suffer quietly. As veterinarians and pet lovers, that’s why we stress the importance of dog owners learning to identify their pet’s individual “tells” that they are in pain.homeowners insurance without dog breed restrictions

Common Signs Your Dog Might Be in Pain

Since your canine cannot speak to you when he is in pain, learning to read your pet’s body language is valuable in helping to prevent unnecessary suffering. A change in behavior, no matter how subtle, could be a sign that your dog is in pain. Make a habit of observing these behaviors in your pet: dog health insurance

7. Activity Level

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A decrease in activity level could mean a number of things, including, your dog is in pain. No matter the reason for the change in normal activity level, if Fido is sleeping more and running and jumping less, it could be a sign that something is wrong. Head over to the next page…