5 Ways to Boost Your Dogs Confidence


Does your dog cower at the sight of a stranger? Or become fearful when he’s around other dogs? If so, this could signal a lack of confidence in your dog, which can make life difficult for both you and your pup.

Nervous behavior in dogs usually stems from negative experiences in their past. This may not affect you if you’re buying a new-born pup. dog health insurance

But if you’re purchasing an older dog or a pooch from a rescue center, you need to find out all you can about their background as this may give you clues as to why they behave the way they do.

When a dog lacks confidence, they can express that in different ways. Some run away and hide with their tail between their legs; others bark and become aggressive.

To protect your pup from any accidents or incidents that might occur when their lack of confidence gets the better of them, make sure you have the right dog insurance in place.

Not only does this cover vets bills and loss by straying, it can also give you third party liability to protect you from claims from other people.

Why is Confidence Important in Dogs?

Confident dogs enjoy learning new things and taking new adventures. They take everyday challenges in stride. Confident dogs don’t have to be excessively coaxed into doing simple things. They don’t have to be watched like a hawk in case they interpret someone’s actions the wrong way. The confident dog is unlikely to take minor setbacks to heart. Their recovery time and willingness to try again after a slight mishap is generally fast. They’re able to move up to new, more difficult, and challenging levels of training or adventure with ease.

If you are a hobby trainer, competitor in dog shows, sports, or working trials, or if you simply love to include your dog in family adventures, having a confident dog will be important to you.

Here are 5 ways to help boost your dog’s confidence:


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Training your nervous dog to do simple tasks such as to sit, stay, or come to you, is far more beneficial than you might think! There are two ways it can help build up their confidence:

The first is the relationship between you and your pup. When you begin to train your dog, you start creating a new kind of bond with them, which can give both of you a sense of trust with each other. So, when it comes to being in new environments, where they might feel nervous, your direction and tone can help them to feel more secure. Start in familiar surroundings, so that when it does come to new places, it will be easier to direct them.

The second is that they’ll learn how and when to do things on command, and with the help from rewards, they’ll know when they’re doing things right. Reinforcing good behavior with rewards gives them the confidence to follow your commands. Training builds up a language between the two of you, so you’re like a team working together!…Head over to the next page