5 Signs Your Dog is Your Child


All pet lovers love their pets, right? Well, if you’re a particular kind of dog owner, your pet might actually feel a bit more like a family member. Whether you have kids (real, human kids) or not, you might still be pampering and cuddling a little baby – your dog! Here are 5 signs your dog is actually your child (and probably the baby child). is smoke bad for dogs

5. Your dog’s comfort is more important than your own

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After a long, hard day, you just want to crash, but you find your pooch sprawled adorably across your sheets. It’s these situations that separate the dog owners from the pawrents. While some simply command their dogs off the bed, pawrents contort their bodies into advanced yoga poses in order to preserve the comfort of their pups!

4. You share the bed (and the couch, and the armchair….)

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If your doggie has carte blanch at the household furniture, he’s not just your child – you’re treating him better than most real children! Your doggie cuddles up in your sheets every night and always has a place on the couch next to you. is roundup safe around dogs

3. Your pooch eats better than you do

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You read dog food labels for fun and have tried out several homemade recipes for your little bundle of fur. A healthy diet is imperative for a thriving dog, and you are determined to ensure she eats like a queen – even if it means you have to eat like a broke college student!

2. You socialize – on social media

If your dog has a Facebook profile, Twitter handles, or Instagram account all of her very own, well, you’re a pet parent. Of course, you want to make sure she’s always looking good for her fans, so you dress her up for fancy selfie shots.

1. Your social life revolves around your pup

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Gone are the days when you’d head out to the bar after work. There’s a furry little life depending on you now! Instead of Saturday nights on the town, you spend them on the couch with your pup. “Sorry, I have plans with my dog” has become your new mantra, and your friends have all but forgotten your face.