The 10 Fastest Dog Breeds


Not all dogs are born with the need for speed, at least not in the same way that some pups seem to derive the most pleasure when they’re running full force towards their goal. old row dog collar

You may think your dog is fast, but does his breed qualify him as one of the fastest dog breeds there is? We tapped American Kennel Club Vice President Gina DiNardo for a little bit of info on the top ten fastest dog breeds, and why exactly they’re built for maximum speeds. Find out if your speed racer makes the list. old row dog collar

10 – Greyhound

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It’s probably no surprise that the Greyhound tops DiNardo’s list of fastest breeds. As a sighthound specifically bred to hunt running game, the Greyhound is a medium-build breed whose form also contributes to his speediness.

It’s probably no surprise, but the fastest dog in the world is the Greyhound, which can reach whopping speeds of 45 mph. This long and lean breed was made for running, standing 27-30 inches tall and weighing 57-88 pounds. But, fun fact: in reality, they are often couch potatoes and make great dogs for apartment living.

9 –Doberman Pinscher

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Although this working group breed is mostly known for his fearlessness and loyalty to his owners, you can add quickness to his list of attributes, as well.

“Doberman Pinschers possess great endurance,” DiNardo says. “his build, which is compact, muscular, and powerful, helps him achieve great speeds.” Obedient to a fault and a generally healthy breed overall, the Doberman makes for a great family pet but they are very active, so remember to keep exercise a regular part of your dog’s life.

8 German Shepherd

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The German Shepherd was originally used for herding sheep. Today, this dog is often used in police and military work, as a disability-assistance dog, narcotics and explosives detection, and in search and rescue efforts. It is the most commonly used breed for work involving scent. It can reach speeds of up to 30 miles per hour.

7 –Border Collie

As anyone who’s ever been around this member of the herding group will know, when it comes to performing his herding tasks, the Border Collie doesn’t mess around.

“The athletic Border Collie possesses a high drive and is extremely energetic,” DiNardo says. “His muscular body lends himself to fast running.”

Bred to be an excellent herder, the Border Collie can be identified by his workaholic nature, as well as his agile and athletic build.

6 –Whippet

Originally, the Whippet breed was a Greyhound that was considered too small for hunting. The local law prohibited their use for hunting so they were bred together and primarily used to kill rats. When the law changed, however, the Whippet became popular in dog racing due to their speed. This breed can run up to 34 miles per hour, although some have been recorded at 40 miles per hour. It is considered the fastest dog of its size and is the fastest accelerating dog in the world.

5 –Afghan Hound

The Afghan hound shares third place for its running speed of up to 40 miles per hour. It is considered a basal breed, meaning its DNA is less mixed than more modern breeds. The Afghan hound is most closely related to the Saluki. This breed has been traced to Afghanistan, where it was bred specifically to withstand the cold temperatures of high mountain altitudes.

4 –Saluki

The 2nd fastest dog in the world is the Saluki, which can reach speeds of up to 42 miles per hour. Some experts even believe that the Saluki can sustain high speeds for longer distances than the Greyhound. Images of the Saluki have been found on ancient Egyptian tombs that date as far back as 2134 BC. This breed is a sighthound and has historically hunted gazelle, fox, and rabbits.

3 –Vizsla

One glance at the Vizsla and you can just tell she has run on her mind. “A lean dog with incredible power and drive, the Vizsla is a hunter that is extremely quick,” DiNardo says. “It’s also an active breed that is easily trained.”

This member of the sporting group (also sometimes referred to as a Hungarian Pointer) is affectionate and gentle, but they were bred to work in the field, forest and water, so your versatile Vizsla would do well with some hard exercise thrown into her life for fun.

2 –Giant Schnauzer

The Giant Schnauzer originated in the Bavarian region of Germany, where it was bred as a guard dog and livestock herder. Once it was introduced to cities, this breed was used to protect businesses. It can run up to 28 miles per hour and is the largest Schnauzer variation.

1 –Jack Russell Terrier

Small and energetic canine buddy can run at around 38 miles per hour and traces its origin from England. The English used it for hunting foxes and also has the traditional now extinct White Harrier as its ancestor.