5 Heartwarming Ways to Show Your Dog Love


To say that I love my dog would be an understatement. I adore him. He is one of the best things in my life, and there’s nothing I wouldn’t do to keep him healthy and happy. Showing him how much he means to me can be a little tricky though. emotional support dog

Even though I know that most dogs aren’t the biggest fans of big hugs, I sometimes have to fight the urge to give Chilly a loving squeeze. After all, hugging is one of the most natural ways for humans to show affection. However, for many of our canine companions, a hug is unwelcome or even threatening, especially if they feel trapped.

Some dog parents make the mistake of thinking that the best way to their dog’s heart is through his stomach. Don’t get me wrong — treats and goodies do have their place (especially as rewards when training), but too many of them can easily lead to weight gain and all of the health issues that come with it. Here are 5 Heartwarming Ways to Show Your Dog Love emotional support dog

#5. Give a human touch

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Dogs may not enjoy being hugged, but they love cuddling. Dogs are pack animals, and close contact makes them feel safe and secure. Allowing your pooch to sleep with you is the ultimate display of trust and affection since this is when you are the most vulnerable. However, even if you’d prefer to keep your bed dog-free, you can still create opportunities every day to tell your dog you love him by snuggling up on the couch or in a cozy corner with him on the floor. He’ll be sure to get your message. emotional support dog

One of the best things about dogs is how well they know their favorite people. They can tell when we’re stressed out and when we’re calm and happy. And we can be sure that our voices, our body language, and our actions communicate to them how much they mean to us. french bulldog dog insurance

#4. Be a Good Listener

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Although there are a lot of things you have to do to show that you’re a good listener, this is a good overall tip to remember. When your dog is making sounds and doing different things to get your attention, be sure to turn your attention to the dog and try to understand what’s going on. Showing that you’re receptive to your animal’s attempts to communicate is sure to strengthen your relationship and increase the trust between the two of you. While this includes looking at your dog, using open facial expressions and body language and a bunch of other things, it’s a good overall tip to remember. emotional support dog

#3. Use gentle and direct eye contact

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While it goes without saying, eye contact is very important for dogs. Although making piercing or intimidating eye contact can intimidate or cause conflict with your dog, it’s still important to look at your dog in the eyes. Instead of being too intense, though, try using soft and gentle eye contact instead. While this goes hand in hand with being a good listener, it’s important to think about how you’re orienting yourself to your dog in general—especially when it comes to eye contact.

#2. Just Tell Them You Love Them

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A recent study published in Science found that dogs do, in fact, understand some human speech. Dogs were studied in an MRI scanner that showed that they experienced the most happiness when they heard not just a praising tone, but words of praise, as well. This suggests that they don’t just listen to our tone of voice, but they interpret meaning from words, too. So sometimes just telling your dog how you feel is a great way to express your love.

#1. Spend time grooming or massaging them

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Though we all pet our dogs pretty regularly, we might not know just how much they appreciate that kind of attention! Because we can’t speak the same language as our dogs, a lot of the way we communicate has to be physical or otherwise indirect. Because of that, we need to make sure that we make plenty of gentle and loving contact with our animals. Although each dog will be different in what kin d of touch they prefer, any kind of touch will definitely be appreciated.

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