Here’s How to Make Your Dog Smell Good


Do you often find yourself smelling like a dog after a cuddle session with Fido? Do your furniture and clothes have that telltale doggy odor? Man’s Best Friend is very cute and charming, but he isn’t perfect. In fact, he can get a bit stinky! dog health insurance

No matter how adorable dogs are, whether you admit it or not, it’s hard to spend time with them especially if they smell bad. As a result, you need to keep your dog smell good and pleasant. But, how you’ll do it? Here are five simple ways on how to make your dog smell good. dog health insurance

5. Give your dog a bath

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The best way to beat bad doggy odor is to give Fido a bath. If your pooch is really smelly, look for a shampoo that will help break down odors. Avoid heavily perfumed products: these just mask bad smells and can be too strong for dogs’ sensitive noses. If your pup has a skin condition, he may need medicated shampoo. Ask your vet for specific advice. Head over to the next page…