Here’s How to Make Your Dog Smell Good


Do you often find yourself smelling like a dog after a cuddle session with Fido? Do your furniture and clothes have that telltale doggy odor? Man’s Best Friend is very cute and charming, but he isn’t perfect. In fact, he can get a bit stinky! dog health insurance

No matter how adorable dogs are, whether you admit it or not, it’s hard to spend time with them especially if they smell bad. As a result, you need to keep your dog smell good and pleasant. But, how you’ll do it? Here are five simple ways on how to make your dog smell good. dog health insurance

5. Give your dog a bath

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The best way to beat bad doggy odor is to give Fido a bath. If your pooch is really smelly, look for a shampoo that will help break down odors. Avoid heavily perfumed products: these just mask bad smells and can be too strong for dogs’ sensitive noses. If your pup has a skin condition, he may need medicated shampoo. Ask your vet for specific advice.

4. Regularly Brush your Dog’s Fur

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Brushing will help remove the dirt, debris, and allergens your dog’s coat can collect. When these build up in the fur they can contribute to a bad odor. Brushing also helps reduce shedding by removing dead or loose hairs and distributes the natural oils for a healthy and clean coat.d og health insurance

3. Wash Your Dog’s Bedding

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Your dog may have gotten a bath, but their bedding is still dirty and smelly. When they lay or sleep on their bed, the odor will transfer back onto them.

Washing their bed and any blankets or other items they sleep on will remove the body oils, which attract dirt, and bacteria that can contribute to odor.

Clean the inside cushion as well if the label says it’s able to be washed. Your dog will thank you!

2. Provide Your Dog Good Oral Care

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We care for our teeth every day. We should do the same for our dogs! Dogs can get many of the same types of dental problems as humans, like tartar/plaque buildup and gum disease. These lead to bad breath and other health issues.

Doing things like brushing their teeth and having them chew on dental bones are helpful.

But brushing isn’t always an option and some dogs are very resistant to it. An easy solution is adding a water additive to your dog’s drinking water. A good water additive will keep their breath fresh, fight plaque/tartar buildup, and extend the time between teeth brushing or cleaning.

1. Maintain A Healthy Diet And Digestive System

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An unhealthy diet and cheap, low-quality dog food can contribute to odor and flatulence. A good, natural dog food will help keep your dog healthy.

Probiotics for dogs are also a fantastic way to promote a healthy digestive system, better nutrient absorption, and maintain a balance of good bacteria in the gut.


Your dog may not always smell like they just had a bath, but these 5 easy tips will keep your furry family smelling fresh and as huggable as ever!