7 Warning Signs of an Unhappy Dog


Dogs are often called “man’s best friend,” and we can attribute that to a variety of reasons. But the truth is that many people adore dogs because they are overwhelmingly friendly, happy, and compassionate creatures. Their joy is contagious, and makes us feel good! dog health insurance

So, it might come as a surprise to hear that dogs are also capable of feeling depressed, just like us humans. And unfortunately, dog depression isn’t as recognizable as human depression (which is notable for being difficult to diagnose), making it difficult to try to turn your dog’s proverbial frown, upside-down.

7. Change in Appetite

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Having little to no interest in food can be an indication that a dog is unhappy. On the other hand, unhappy dogs may also choose to increase their food intake, as food can serve as a comfort to them. Whether it’s an increase or decrease in appetite, any change can be a clue about a pet’s state of mind. A change in eating habits can also result in a change in weight, so if you notice your pet has lost or gained a few pounds, it could be a sign they’re feeling down… Head over to the next page