Top 5 Most Common Dog Health Problems


Health-related problems are a part of life. Although it’s something we’d all rather avoid thinking about, it’s important to educate ourselves about what conditions, illnesses or diseases are out there.

There are many illnesses and conditions dogs can suffer from in life and it’s surprising to learn just how common these illnesses can be.

We’ve put together a top 5 of some of the most common dog health problems that we hear about every day, some are not so serious while others will need more advanced care.


Top 5 Most Common Dog Health Problems

This is a big one, especially with older dogs. Cataracts for dogs, just like humans can really affect the way we see.

It’s not only old age that will bring about these growths on the eye, often cataracts will develop after the eye has been through a trauma or can be caused by a disease. Cataracts in dogs may even be present when the dog is first born or may develop in the first few weeks of a puppy’s life.


Top 5 Most Common Dog Health Problems

Broken bones can happen for a number of reasons. Your dog may have been hit by a car in the street or they may have fallen from a height.

Your dog will try to remain brave and will avoid showing you that they are in pain so keep an eye out for things like limping, lumps or bones protruding from the skin, and whimpering or whining when touched.


Top 5 Most Common Dog Health Problems

Arthritis is very common amongst older dogs. In fact, 1 in 5 American dogs suffers from arthritis, or osteoarthritis as it is known, at some point during their lives.

You’ll notice that your dog is slower to get onto their feet (especially in the morning or in cooler weather) and will be far less active than they used to be. It’s often very hard to tell if your dog is suffering from arthritis. Even though it’s very painful, your dog won’t show much sign of complaint.

Exercise, weight control, and anti-arthritic drugs can all lead to helping your dog overcome the pain of arthritis.


Top 5 Most Common Dog Health Problems

Diarrhoea is very common, largely because it can be brought about by a number of reasons. Sometimes it will just be caused by some bad food or an allergic reaction, but in other cases, it can be more serious.


Top 5 Most Common Dog Health Problems

Fleas, as you’re probably already aware, is another one of things that nearly every dog will get during a lifetime.

They can be knocked over quite easily with the right medication and you can find a number of products for sale at your local pet store.

Ticks, however, are far more serious. Ticks like the paralysis tick can cause serious health problems for your dog, including poisoning of the blood and even death.