What Your Favorite Dog Breed Says About You


We’ve all heard the saying that a person oftentimes looks like their dog, taking on the features of their favorite buddy. But dog owners also often take on the personality of their pup, mimicking their temperament and sharing the same characteristics. dog health insurance usaa

With our favorite breed often comes stereotypes and certain characteristics that many owners hold true. To have a little fun, we’ve come up with a list of some popular dog breeds–so now you can see what your favorite dog breed says about you! emotional support dog

#20. Pitbull

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You’re tough on the outside, but a complete marshmallow on the inside. You’re not a pushover and some might even say you have a stubborn streak, but you’re the sweetest, most loving person on the inside – and kind of a goofball when you’re around those who you love best…Head over to the next page